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At East Coast Hydroponics we serve Ipswich and provide hydroponics equipment for budding horticulturalists and anyone who has a grow room and grows plants with or without soil in Ipswich. As a hydroponics store in Ipswich we have a huge range of growing products in Ipswich and with our in house team’s expert knowledge of indoor cultivation and plant lighting we are the definitive hydroponics store in Ipswich and online shop in Ipswich.

Our hydroponics equipment and knowledgeable staff can help with any query you may have relating to hydroponics and growing plants in Ipswich in Suffolk.

We provide an extensive range of hydroponic equipment at affordable prices in Ipswich including grow lights, grow room equipment, nutrients, tents and accessories. We stock the best hydroponics brands in Ipswich including Daylight LED lighting, Telos LED, Maxibright LED, Monster Buds Tents, Can-Fan, Can Filters, Advanced Nutrients, CANNA Nutrients, Biobizz Nutrients, Indica Nutrients and many more.

We are the best hydroponics store in Ipswich and we have a huge range of nutrients, LED lighting and everything you need from a grow room shop.

Our team of hydroponics experts are on hand to assist you with knowledge of everything related to  hydroponics and grow room equipment in Ipswich.

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Hydroponics is a type of horticulture that involves growing plants with or without soil using water-based mineral nutrient solutions in aqueous carriers. The plants grown in these hydroponic grow rooms have their roots in nutritious liquid rich in nutrients and minerals. The plants can be grown in water, soil or coir. We are experts in hydroponics in the South East of England and East Anglia so if you need any assistance please contact or expert team at East Coast Hydroponics Ipswich.

We stock a huge variety of hydroponics equipment at our store that serves Ipswich. With years of experience in the industry we can make sure you get the best in equipment and advice for your grow room.

We offer very reasonable prices and often have sales with competitive prices on our range of hydroponics nutrients, lighting and grow room equipment.

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Our excellent range of growing products

Lighting: With hydroponics and artificial gardening you do not require natural sunlight. At our store in Ipswich we provide a huge range of artificial lighting including energy efficient LED lighting and lighting that provides the correct spectrum of light for the growing including red, blue and dual spectrum and LED lighting for Flowering yield, Rate of growth, Root development, Plant health, and Plant Yield.

We stock Led Lights, CFL lights and Ballasts including, Daylight, DLI Dutch Lighting Innovations, Maxibright Led, ThinkGrow, Par + Led, Telos Led, Sanlight, Hyrdoponics Grow Light Bulbs, Grow Light Ballasts, Propagation Lighting, Grow Light Ballasts, Grow Light Kits, Grow Room Contactors and Timers, CFL Lamps, Reflectors, Lighting Accessories in Ipswich, Suffolk.

Nutrients and boosters: We are experts at East Coast Hydroponics Ipswich in helping you select the correct nutrients for grow rooms including nutrients, additives, stimulants, supplements and boosters for your plants as well as PH & Nutrient Management. At our shop serving Ipswich you can find all of your hydroponics nutrients as well as expert advice.

We provide nutrients and additives in Ipswich that provide primary macro nutrients such as the leading brands that provide Potassium, Nitrogen and Phosphorous. Our nutrients and boosters also provide secondary nutrients such as Magnesium, Calcium and Sulfur. We also stock PH management products to help you to get the right PH level in your growing medium.

Speak to our team at our Ipswich Shop. We provide the best nutrient brands at our Ipswich Hydroponics store including Advanced Nutrients, Atami, Biobizz, CANNA, Growth Technology, House & Garden and Indica Nutrients.

Grow Tents:  A grow tent is an essential piece of equipment for a grow room. At our Ipswich hydroponics store we supply highly reflective grow room tents, suitable for use in all grow rooms. We stock Monsterbud grow tents, Luxx grow tents, Bloombox Tents, Grow tent kits Green Box Roof Tents and Green Box Tents. Speak to one of our staff at our Ipswich hydroponics shop to find out which grow room tent is best for you.

Air control, fans and fan filters: Our air control, fans and fan filters help to regulate the air flow in your grow room. We stock a wide range of air control products and filters such as Can-Fan and Can-Filters. Whether you need a new fan, ducting or a carbon filter we can help. We also sell the more technical side of air control such as fan controllers and related equipment. We also provide ways of regulating Oxygen o2 levels and Carbon Dioxide levels co2 in your grow room.
Growing Media:  We provide the popular coir growing media as well as cocos, pots, tanks and all related products.

About East Cost Hydroponics Shop in Ipswich

With our excellent range of growing products and our in house teams knowledge base of indoor cultivation and plant lighting we are the definitive one-stop hydroponics shop and online mail-order company. East Coast Hydroponics Hydroponics in Ipswich, Suffolk.

Our ultimate goal is providing you the customer with the best quality plant growing equipment at bargain value prices, and with our huge product range we hope to do further business with you for years to come.

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